OK, I know this has been asked before, but…

…who actually owns the shoot? I thought it was Brian (who also, I believe, owns WIll’s cottage) so why does Will have to answer to Martyn Gibson?

And if it IS Brian, why was selling it off to BL not considered before making himself—and family—homeless?


It’s either complicated or very, very simple.

Brian owned the Home Farm shoot, and Jack owned the Grey Gables shoot. There was also a third shoot owned by Ambridge Farmers which I think got taken into one or other of them at some point when Ambridge Farmers ceased to exist as an entity and became Brookfield Limited with no other farms incorporated with it.

Brian wanted to amalgamate the two shoots, but Jack Woolley wasn’t keen on the idea. However, when Jack’s keeper retired (I think it was George Barford, but it doesn’t really matter because he and Tom Forrest both did at about the same time which was why Greg Turner had been employed by Brian) Jack was unable to recruit a new one for some reason, and Brian offered to help him out for a season by getting Greg to do his shoot too.

By this means the cunning Brian managed stealth-amalgamation, which was never really clarified or denied.

At a later point, the Grey Gables shoot and golf course were sold to Borchester Land because Caroline didn’t want to pay for them when she bought the hotel. They went on being run together by one game-keeper and his assistant(s); by that time it was Will, who had been Brian’s employee for a few years by then.

Will’s cottage, which was Greg’s before him and Sammy Whipple’s before that, most definitely belongs to Home Farm and not to Borchester Land, so Martyn Gibson threatening him with eviction was bollocks. And Matt threatening him with the sack was also bollocks, because his employer was Brian, not BL.

But at some point the editorial team seems to have decided to ignore what had been on air and make Will someone else’s employee, the cottage he lives in someone else’s property, and the shoot he works on exclusively someone else’s property.

Brian ought to sue them.


The Editorial team ?