Old but interesting news

Rather late in the day, I know, but just stumbled on these. Interesting perspective from someone who actually specialises in the field:


Interesting, joe. I thought this bit was odd, though, considering she’s a solicitor:

“There are a lot of ifs and buts. Even if Helen does persuade the jury of the abuse she suffered and is found innocent of murder, she could still be convicted of manslaughter and stay in prison.”

People in England are found not guilty, not innocent. And Helen wasn’t accused of murder but attempted murder. So she couldn’t be convicted of either murder or manslaughter.


The closing part of the second article also struck me as a little sloppy: ‘Rob might try to argue that Helen is mentally unstable, but this is difficult for him to prove, particularly when found to have abused her’ - I suppose she was assuming that the Family Court would find that to be the case, but then… ngh?
Still, can’t blame a starving solicitor for trying to drum up business…


The “Legally, this is a case that could go either way, which of course makes it perfect for high-tension drama.” would have been great if only it had happened, but it was the least interesting, and least coherent, half hour in TA since Ye Grete Fludde (funny that, the same person wrote both) and had no drama in it at all, going from lots of shouty “she’s an evil woman” stuff in the jury-room to “we find her not guilty” with no explanation at all.