would not say “send them over to Roy and I”. He just would not do so.


He would not. I emitted a strangled cry at that.

altogether a b-awful episode.
Oh, do you think Oliver (who appears to be going gently insane) is aware that the presence of Freddie on the premises puts his licence at risk? Yes, he must be, because he spoke for Elizabeth the first time she tried to get it back.
Have they forgotten this, I wonder?


It was bollocks from day 1 – which happened before he had been found guilty.


Not yet heard the latest offering, but IIRC Freddie was pretty much found guilty before he was even charged.


He was arrested on Friday night latish (after the stag party had had time to get stonking drunk); the licence was removed first thing on Monday morning, while he was still saying it was for personal use and the charge had not yet been finalised. He certainly had not yet pleaded guilty to supply as part of a gang, which he only did after his mother got her inexplicable urge to get him banged up rather than slapped on the wrist.


Sorry - I should have been clearer. I meant he was assumed to be guilty—with pariah status—from the first (on air and elsewhere).


That was what I took you to mean. I was moving on to say what I thought exemplified this.