One last thing, Debbie

Be sure to tell Adam while en route to the airport (or on the doorstep if you are going by minicab) that Brian offered the running of Home Farm to you. It would be such a waste if he never found out. And so very out of character for you not to mention it.

Hope this is the last of Debbie. Was never keen on her as a character, and the sycophantic fawning over la Grieg on various other forums is toe-curlingly embarrassing. No, people, you didn’t actually know her before she was famous. If TG thinks about you at all, it will probably be in the context of cardigan-dribbling, and frankly she might have a point.


[raised fevvery eyebrow]

An Gentlebird never tells.


That is an absolutely splendid idea! Sadly, I don’t think it will come to pass. She’s gone. Still … brightening … there’s always WhatsApp or similar. She could work it into the conversation there.

I struggled to remember what Debbie was apologising for when her apology took the form of telling Brian he’d killed Jennifer, but then I remembered the ludicrous Joyce scene. Have to give Brian full marks for not holding grudges, no, not really, putting on an Adam voice - What the hell were you thinking, Brian, offering her the top job at Home Farm after what she’d said to you? But that’s me, a champion grudge-holder.