One-line spoilers up to May 19

28 Apr Brookfield needs to dig deeper, and Kenton strikes a deal.

30 Apr Brookfield tightens its belt, while Grange Farm holds off an eager visitor.
1 May Adam considers his future at Home Farm, and Lilian is at a loose end.
2 May Ed’s prospects take a hit, and Emma finds an ally.
3 May Eddie worries about being found out, and Matt’s advice falls on deaf ears.
4 May Shula thinks she has the answer, and Harrison has a tough decision.
5 May Pip wants to pay her penance, and Toby wants to make things better.

7 May Kirsty has a day to remember, and there is a family gathering at Home Farm.
8 May Jill has a bone to pick with David, and Pip does not want to be a burden.
9 May Peggy has to make a tough decision, and Brian has a sudden realisation.
10 May Toby is keen to impress, and Alice sounds out Adam.
11 May Matt extends his network, and Usha works her magic.
12 May Toby cannot believe what he is hearing, while Lilian wants Justin to be less hard-line.

14 May Toby cannot be cheered, and Tom offers his philosophy.
15 May Lily offers her analysis, and Adam has a keen student.
16 May Harrison has his work cut out, and Matt returns two items.
17 May Kenton gets the wrong end of the stick, and Rex will not take no for an answer.
18 May Kirsty makes a promise, and Justin fights his corner.
19 May Peggy surprises her family, and Lilian receives a warning.


Too much mention of Toby in all that for my liking.

At least he’s not happy! Sounds like Pip gives him his marching orders. Shame the Dopeys don’t seem about to do same to Pip!

Plus, if Tom offered me his philosophy, I know where I’d tell him to put it.


Would it be robust enough to make it there without specialist equipment, though, Janie? I think not. Not wanting to get graphic or anything on a respectable board, perish the thort

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I would wrap it up in a weighty tome, Gus. Will that do?

“Just propose marriage, spend a fortune on the wedding, and leave her at the altar. Worked for me!”