One-liners Sep 16 - 21

Sep 16 Elizabeth breaks down and an old enemy causes trouble for Harrison.
Sep 17 Pip’s gesture is rejected and Tom has a proposition.
Sep 18 Brian’s plotting continues and Philip throws down the gauntlet.
Sep 19 Johnny offers some home truths and Jolene tries to make peace.
Sep 20 Emma finds herself impressed, and Clarrie fears the worst.
Sep 21 Freddie contemplates his future, and there is a breakthrough for Alistair.


“Look, Natasha, you know and I know we’re just business colleagues, but this bloody village can’t see a man and a woman together without thinking wedding bells. So could you start a rumour that I dumped you at the altar? It’s the only thing they’ll believe.”

Ambridge Organic Wine has never been so good.

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What do they expect: when was she last serviced?


We need the week before’s one Liners

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when Roy tweeked her Lower Loxleys?

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Any chance you’ve got the following week, Nelson? I can’t find it on Digiguide or the BBC or the Radio Times web site.