One liners Sep 16-Oct 5

16 Sep Elizabeth breaks down and an old enemy causes trouble for Harrison.
17 Sep Pip’s gesture is rejected and Tom has a proposition.
18 Sep Brian’s plotting continues and Philip throws down the gauntlet.
19 Sep Johnny offers some home truths and Jolene tries to make peace.
20 Sep Emma finds herself impressed, and Clarrie fears the worst.
21 Sep Freddie contemplates his future, and there is a breakthrough for Alistair.

23 Sep Shula attempts to bring the family together, and Jolene has a plan.
24 Sep Elizabeth fears the worst, and Peggy offers a solution.
25 Sep Freddie considers his options, and Fallon puts her foot in it.
26 Sep It’s all change for Tom, and Emma is on a mission.
27 Sep Elizabeth makes a surprising decision, and there is an unexpected gesture from Susan.
28 Sep It is judgement day for Freddie, and Brian has been rumbled.

30 Sep Elizabeth makes plans, and Brian keeps his fingers crossed.
01 Oct There’s a near miss for Johnny, and Jazzer oversteps the mark.
02 Oct Freddies’s behaviour causes concern, and Josh spreads some news.
03 Oct There’s a shock for Fallon, and Christine offers some advice.
04 Oct Kenton tries to make amends, and Hannah is left confused.
05 Oct Elizabeth struggles to accept the truth, and the Aldridges are left horrified.