One-liners Sep 23 - 28

23 Sep Shula attempts to bring the family together, and Jolene has a plan.
24 Sep Elizabeth fears the worst, and Peggy offers a solution.
25 Sep Freddie considers his options, and Fallon puts her foot in it.
26 Sep It’s all change for Tom, and Emma is on a mission.
27 Sep Elizabeth makes a surprising decision, and there is an unexpected gesture from Susan.
28 Sep It is judgement day for Freddie, and Brian has been rumbled.


Oh, thanks, Nelson! You have a better source than I do. Hope you don’t mind if I put it in the ‘Wrap-up’ and the separate ‘all the one-liners from today’ thread.

‘Judgement day’? I thought that was Sep 9 when ‘Freddie stands accused’. Presumably Sep 18 is sentencing.

And what’s Peggy up to?

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“Hydrofluoric acid, dear. Best way of disposing of unwanted men.”

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I reckon he’s furtlinv with the house sale. Maybe getting pretend buyers to make offers which will later be withdrawn. Trying to put her indoors off from selling.