One-liners to April 14th

27 Mar Jim is calling in the experts, and Oliver has a few tricks up his sleeve.
28 Mar Ed gets a shock when it comes to George, and Natasha needs to come up with a plan.
29 Mar Will is reminded of some painful history, and there’s life in the old dogs yet, Freddie.
30 Mar Jim grills David for some key information, and why is Brian being so mysterious?
31 Mar Helen and Tom are at loggerheads, and Alice uncovers the truth.

02 Apr There’s another shock for the Aldridge family and Helen makes her feelings clear.
03 Apr It’s all hands to the pump at Bridge Farm, while George finds himself on the spot.
04 Apr Emotions run high for Alice, and Susan puts her foot in it.
05 Apr Justin needs a get-out clause, and Kate tries to come to terms with recent events.
06 Apr Chelsea takes the shortcut to revenge, and Lee has concerns.
07 Apr It’s not a Good Friday for one Ambridge resident, and Brad finds himself in over his head.

09 Apr Pat and Tony smell a rat, and Justin finds support from an unexpected source.
10 Apr The walls close in on George, and Natasha has a controversial idea.
11 Apr Brad gets his wires crossed, and Jim has a cunning plan.
12 Apr Oliver faces a dilemma and Brian has concerns.
13 Apr There’s a surprise for Helen, and Chris has a brainwave.
14 Apr Pat makes a shocking admission, and George attempts to make amends.


“Trepanning for mental health has a long history!”