One-liners to April 15

29 Mar The stakes are raised at the Parish Council meeting and Tracy lends a helping hand.
30 Mar Lynda is on the warpath and Harrison offers his support.
31 Mar Ben has romance in mind and Lynda goes into battle.
01 Apr It’s judgement day for Kirsty, and Emma faces a dilemma.

05 Apr Jazzer questions his choices and Kirsty contemplates where to go from here.
06 Apr Brian attempts to be supportive and Tracy is left speechless.
07 Apr The worry sets in for Chris while Kate makes her presence felt.
08 Apr Reality bites for Alice, and Helen makes plans for the future.

12 Apr Jazzer’s out to impress while christening plans leave Alice ragged.
13 Apr Kate demands to be heard while Harrison offers an ear.
14 Apr There are too many cooks at the christening buffet while Tracy and Jazzer come clean.
15 Apr Alice hits self destruct and Lee is a model son-in-law.


It’s supposed to be a font, not a tureen.


Half-completed, forgotten in the box?