One liners to April 19


02 Apr Elizabeth questions her feelings and Will makes a breakthrough.
03 Apr It’s a bad day for Tom and Toby has a proposal in store.
04 Apr Shula’s confidence is knocked and Freddie attempts to move on.
05 Apr Ed’s suspicions rise and Josh is not impressed.

07 Apr Jill makes a shocking discovery and it all proves too much for Shula.
08 Apr Reality bites for Freddie and there’s tension at Bridge Farm.
09 Apr Lily reveals all about recent events and Kate looks to the future.
10 Apr Jim has some harsh words and Leonard has a confession to make.
11 Apr Tom has an announcement to make and Ruairi finds himself in trouble.
12 Apr Freddie tries to make amends and Jazzer makes a rash decision.

14 Apr Eddie has serious concerns and Elizabeth takes her first tentative steps.
15 Apr Tom finds himself in trouble and Fallon makes her feelings known.
16 Apr Freddie is forced to ask a favour from the enemy and Emma finds herself compromised.
17 Apr Natasha finds herself the talk of Ambridge and Russ comes to a decision.
18 Apr Lily offers an explanation and Chris is forced to dish out a lecture.
19 Apr Ed plays a dangerous game and Shula’s crisis deepens.


Jolly good (not much to choose between those sisters in terms of attention -seeking, is there?)


Yup! Though I think the younger one is better at it. Probably turning on the waterworks when in danger of being criticized is what does it. Shula has not developed the knack. Hand-wringing really is no substitute.

How long till Lily starts getting jealous?


He does painting by numbers.