One-liners to April 26th

07 Apr Kate makes a promise she may not be able to keep and Alice faces a rude awakening.
08 Apr Susan puts her foot down, and Harrison makes a generous offer.
09 Apr Chris demands answers, and Miranda faces a challenge.
10 Apr There’s an awkward encounter for Hannah, and George makes his presence felt.
11 Apr Fallon calls in reinforcements, and George offers his opinion.
12 Apr Alarm bells ring for Lilian, and Emma has her eye on the prize.

14 Apr Kate attempts to be diplomatic, and there’s tension at the first cricket match.
15 Apr Azra finds herself caught in the middle, and suspicions are raised for Harrison.
16 Apr Alice struggles to keep a promise, and Jazzer spots an opening.
17 Apr There’s a race against time for Fallon, and Lily struggles to maintain control.
18 Apr Chelsea plays the system, and opportunity knocks for Mick.
19 Apr Alice becomes overwhelmed, and Kirsty finds a willing volunteer.

21 Apr Denise doesn’t know where to turn, and Ed’s feeling nervous.
22 Apr Alice fears she has gone too far, and Henry learns a trick or two.
23 Apr Alistair faces a dilemma, and Helen treads carefully.
24 Apr Alice has a mountain to climb, and Fallon supports a friend in need.
25 Apr There’s light at the end of the tunnel for Lilian, and Azra makes a friend.
26 Apr Alistair takes the plunge, and there’s a near miss for Joy.