One-liners to April 27

8 Apr Life proves difficult for Alistair, and Adam continues to be overwhelmed.
9 Apr Freddie is confronted, and Will’s behaviour causes concern.
10 Apr Pat helps a friend in need, and Harrison has a bad day.
11 Apr Jazzer looks to the future, and Tom puts his foot in it.
12 Apr There is tension at Home Farm, and Lexi attends the surrogacy clinic.
13 Apr Shula receives a shock, and Fallon jumps to conclusions.

15 Apr Shula tries to justify her actions, and Clarrie has reservations.
16 Apr Elizabeth offers comfort, and there is a visitor for Will.
17 Apr Brian hatches a plan, and Jazzer finds a captive audience.
18 Apr The stress rises for Helen, while Tom attempts a negotiation.
19 Apr Olwen puts her foot in it, and Fallon’s views are challenged.
20 Apr Alistair opens up, and Eddie has a controversial suggestion.

22 Apr Alistair struggles to cope, and Will is left disappointed.
23 Apr Peggy discovers the truth, and there is more bad news for Jennifer.
24 Apr Pat is on a mission, and Clarrie attempts to keep the peace.
25 Apr Emma makes a breakthrough, and Rex cements his new venture.
26 Apr Shula makes a fresh start, and Jazzer is surprised by a face from the past.
27 Apr Brian continues to scheme, and Will faces a new problem.


…to Prestatyn?


I do hope so! She and Olwen can go on a retreat together.

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