One-liners to April 3

15 Mar Lilian offers support and Ben’s 18th birthday present causes debate.
16 Mar Philip questions his future and Ed has concerns.
17 Mar Kirsty needs some reassurance and Adam finds himself overworked.
18 Mar Harrison makes a worrying discovery and Lilian has a brainwave.
19 Mar There’s a near miss for Ed and Lilian delivers some good news.
20 Mar The stress rises for Philip and Brian makes an intervention.

22 Mar Philip attempts to keep control and Justin ruffles feathers.
23 Mar Adam puts his foot down and Phoebe is in the mood to celebrate.
24 Mar Kirsty offers her support and the Brookfield youngsters make plans.
25 Mar Robert makes an emotional gesture and there are complications on Ben’s night out.
26 Mar There’s an embarrassing encounter for Peggy and Josh is forced to cover.
27 Mar One resident makes a devastating confession and Brian is impressed.

29 Mar Roy faces an uncomfortable request and there’s a surprise for Ben.
30 Mar Justin finds himself challenged and Kirsty tries to do the right thing.
31 Mar Elizabeth uses the benefit of her experience and Fallon has a bright idea.
01 Apr Johnny attempts to support a friend and Kate puts her foot in it.
02 Apr Robert’s plan backfires and there’s a near miss at Home Farm.
03 Apr There’s an awkward encounter for Roy and Emma makes her feelings known.


“My friends will call on yours, sir.”

But she does little else already.