One liners to April 5


19 Mar There’s a change in the air for Jill and Alice stands firm.
20 Mar Jolene receives an unexpected offer and Peggy attempts a ceasefire.
21 Mar Helen’s lies catch up with her and David wants answers.
22 Mar Mar There’s an awkward encounter for Alan and Elizabeth expresses her gratitude.

24 Mar Lily fears for the future and Shula continues her quest to fill the void.
25 Mar Tom discovers a surprising truth and Pip has reservations.
26 Mar A business meeting ends badly for Pat and Leonard doesn’t think he’s up to scratch.
27 Mar It’s all change for Alistair and Ed feels suffocated.
28 Mar Natasha is put on the spot and Will offers a solution.
29 Mar Freddie returns to Ambridge but has his prison experience changed him for better or worse?

31 Mar Freddie makes his presence felt and Ben receives an offer.
01 Apr Lily is left frustrated and Alistair meets his new business partner.
02 Apr Elizabeth questions her feelings and Will makes a breakthrough.
03 Apr It’s a bad day for Tom and Toby has a proposal in store.
04 Apr Shula’s confidence is knocked and Freddie attempts to move on.
05 Apr Ed’s suspicions rise and Josh is not impressed.


“Of course I’m sane!”
“As a box of frogs.”

“I’d thought Russ would have had a heart attack by now, and leave me his artistic executrix.”


Ed has realised that Tim is a bit dodgy.


March 22 now filled in.