One-liners to April 6

12 Mar A Grundy’s work is never done, and Brian makes a big decision.
13 Mar Lambing is in full swing at Brookfield, and Clarrie’s concerned about Eddie.
14 Mar Will Adam and Brian enjoy a day at the races? Susan and Clarrie are having a day off.
15 Mar What are Eddie and Neil plotting? There’s something familiar about Sykesy.
16 Mar Alice and Adam wonder what’s for the best, and why is Susan in need of a top hat?
17 Mar Paul helps Alistair and Jakob escape from it all, and Usha has a visitor.

19 Mar Adam and Debbie have lots to catch up on, and Justin keeps one ear to the ground.
20 Mar Is Brookfield coming under attack? Clarrie and Susan are swotting up.
21 Mar Brian has some explaining to do, and the young vet and local bobby get chatting.
22 Mar Has Debbie made a terrible mistake? George puts in a bid for space.
23 Mar Justin is feeling patriotic, and Jim is getting ready to settle in.
24 Mar Debbie has a decision to make, and Chelsea has some advice for a misguided friend.

26 Mar Tom and Natasha get a tempting offer, and Brian just wants to be left alone.
27 Mar Jim is calling in the experts, and Oliver has a few tricks up his sleeve.
28 Mar Ed gets a shock when it comes to George, and Natasha needs to come up with a plan.
29 Mar Will is reminded of some painful history, and there’s life in the old dogs yet, Freddie.
30 Mar Jim grills David for some key information, and why is Brian being so mysterious?
31 Mar Helen and Tom are at loggerheads, and Alice uncovers the truth.

01 Apr There’s another shock for the Aldridge family and Helen makes her feelings clear.
02 Apr It’s all hands to the pump at Bridge Farm, while George finds himself on the spot.
03 Apr Emotions run high for Alice, and Susan puts her foot in it.
04 Apr Justin needs a get-out clause, and Kate tries to come to terms with recent events.
05 Apr Chelsea takes the shortcut to revenge, and Lee has concerns.
06 Apr It’s not a Good Friday for one Ambridge resident, and Brad finds himself in over his head.


“Cheese containment breach! No, don’t try to swim for it, it’ll strip the flesh off your bones, then eat the bones.”

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Where’s the pizza van when it’s needed as a disaster containment aid?

Borcester blue and pear and walnut pizza anyone?

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Tangy. Needs more garlic.