One-liners to Aug 23


04 Aug Neil proves a calming influence and Lynda comes to the rescue.
05 Aug Kate makes her feelings clear and things don’t go to plan for Kirsty.
06 Aug Ed has a confession to make and Susan is desperate to make things right.
07 Aug Oliver finds himself unexpectedly impressed and there’s tension at Brookfield.
08 Aug There’s bad news for Jazzer and Jakob gets the wrong end of the stick.
09 Aug Clarrie reaches the end of her tether and Eddie attempts a cover up.

11 Aug Alice hatches a cunning plan and there’s a crisis at Home Farm.
12 Aug Susan struggles to put things right and the pressure is on for Freddie.
13 Aug Emma attempts to face the future and Will feels guilty.
14 Aug The past returns to haunt Will and Jazzer makes a monumental error.
15 Aug Kate faces the unexpected and Tracy’s girls’ night in does not go as planned.
16 Aug Jazzer’s frustrations get the better of him and it’s a big day for Shula.

18 Aug Emma’s behaviour causes concern and Jazzer attempts to lift a friend’s spirits.
19 Aug Jim finds himself a new focus and Phoebe issues an ultimatum.
20 Aug Will struggles to let go and Lynda is determined to come out on top.
21 Aug Susan has a crisis of confidence and Brian is perturbed by the contents of a letter.
22 Aug Ruth has the rug pulled out from under her and Peggy remains tight lipped.
23 Aug It’s a big night for Peggy but who will come out on top?


“She wished me a good morning! Just as if I were someone she liked!”

but they’re chained to the bar.


A merkin? Who knew?


Nothing new there then.