One-liners to August 10 (with two Fridays missing)

18 Jul Brian’s day goes from bad to worse, and Joe is left in an embarassing position.
19 Jul There’s an emergency for Toby, and Johnny is touched by an act of kindness.
20 Jul Jennifer’s heart breaks, and Jazzer inadvertently leads a friend down a dark path.

22 Jul Pip is in trouble and Neil finds himself torn.
23 Jul Rex comes to the rescue and Phoebe smells a rat.
24 Jul There’s a shock for Anisha and an emotional farewell at Home Farm.
25 Jul Toby has an announcement to make, and Alice attempts to be diplomatic.
26 Jul Lily comes clean, and Emma is left disappointed.
27 Jul

29 Jul An arrival ruffles feathers, and Harrison has a confession.
30 Jul Alistair goes too far, and Shula has an emergency on her hands.
31 Jul Neil finds himself in trouble, and Elizabeth offers her support.
1 Aug Rex is pushed out, and Brian’s frustrations grow.
2 Aug Jill smells a rat, and Hannah is on the warpath.
3 Aug

5 Aug Freddie’s nightmare continues, and Harrison is conflicted.
6 Aug Kate is on the attack, and Rex faces some awkward questions.
7 Aug Susan’s attitude proves surprising, and history repeats itself for Roy.
8 Aug Susan’s birthday ends in fireworks, and Toby is set an impossible challenge.
9 Aug Elizabeth’s situation goes from bad to worse, and Alistair makes a decision.
10 Aug Lily faces an onslaught, and it’s daggers drawn for Jazzer.