One-liners to August 18

30 Jul Helen is on a mission and Lynda selects her victim.
31 Jul Tom hatches a cunning plan, and Brad finds himself on the spot.
01 Aug Will Adil smell a rat? And Chelsea struggles with a conundrum.
02 Aug Pat may have found the solution, and Mia makes the effort.
03 Aug Disaster strikes at Home Farm, and Brad is determined to put things right.
04 Aug Ruth feels guilty, and it’s a hard day at the office for Alistair.

06 Aug The pressure is on for Eddie, and Ian’s suspicions are raised.
07 Aug The guilt sets in for Ed, and someone oversteps the mark at Grey Gables.
08 Aug George surprises everyone, and Neil makes a difficult admission.
09 Aug Stella attempts to come to terms with recent events, and the Grundys fear the worst.
10 Aug There’s an awkward encounter at Brookfield, and Helen puts her foot down.
11 Aug Emotions run high for Pip, and Fallon is surprised by a generous offer.

13 Aug Lynda’s interest is piqued and Pip has plans.
14 Aug There’s an awkward encounter for Ian and Adil finds himself under pressure.
15 Aug George makes a dangerous plan and Ben struggles to let go of the past.
16 Aug Ruth has cause for concern and David attempts to offer reassurance.
17 Aug Henry finds himself in too deep and there’s a grand day out for the Grundys.
18 Aug The nightmare continues for Helen and Tracy proves to be a friend in need.


I’ve always felt that Helen’s nightmare continues for everyone who knows her…


“You’ll never see Jack again” can really only be followed by a swift double stab to the eyes.


Or a slash to the neck of the child.

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