One-liners to August 19

02 Aug Events spiral out of control for Shula while David feels uneasy.
03 Aug Neil tries to pick up the pieces and Josh admits to an oversight.
04 Aug Ruairi takes a brave step while one resident struggles with their circumstances.
05 Aug Chris is pulled in all directions and Alistair guesses the truth.

09 Aug Alice struggles to stay in control and plans for the summer fete are thrown into chaos.
10 Aug It’s a big day for Ruairi while Brian attempts to pick up the pieces.
11 Aug Jennifer struggles to find the right words and Alan hatches a plan.
12 Aug The Aldridge family attempts to hold everything together and Lynda makes a shocking discovery.

15 Aug The Ambridge summer fete descends into chaos and Tracy fails to spot a celebrity in their midst.
16 Aug Jennifer discovers the truth while Ian attempts to navigate a thorny issue.
17 Aug Elizabeth is left disappointed and Tracy braces herself for a challenge.
18 Aug Lily attempts to keep the mood romantic and Jennifer is at a low ebb.
19 Aug Home Farm looks to the future and Vince offers an explanation.


“Attention! Attention! Please listen very carefully. A swarm of killer bees is coming this way.”

“What, you don’t recognise Lei Tingjie, winner of the Chinese Women’s Chess Championship in 2017?”

“These brambles want blood.”

“One day, all this will be a sink estate.”


15th - 19th is 5 epis, Sunday to Thursday!


Yes, I understand they’re going back up to 5/week. Can’t find an actual announcement, mind.