One-liners to August 27

10 Aug Lynda makes plans for the future and Chris hides a guilty secret.
11 Aug Lynda finds herself in trouble and there’s a costly error at Home Farm.
12 Aug Ed receives a surprising offer and it’s a momentous day for Adam.
13 Aug The pressure mounts for Alice and Robert finds himself challenged.

17 Aug The pressure piles on Fallon.
18 Aug Lynda plans a special evening and Emma realises what is important.
19 Aug Robert struggles to find the right words and Emma tries to prove a point.
20 Aug Fallon finds herself bombarded and Natasha questions her own judgement.

24 Aug Ed demands answers at Home Farm and Chris has regrets.
25 Aug Alice is forced to come clean and Lynda wants an honest opinion.
26 Aug There’s more than one surprise for Ed and Chris attempts to make amends for his actions.
27 Aug Disaster strikes for Robert and Lynda issues an apology.