One-liners to Dec 29

4 Dec There is a shock in store for Ian, and Eddie hatches a plan.
5 Dec Jennifer is concerned, and Elizabeth imparts some advice.
6 Dec The panto rehearsal descends into chaos, and Lilian feels guilty.
7 Dec Lexi offers a shoulder to cry on, and Brian puts his foot in it.
8 Dec Lilian finally faces the truth, and Toby is forced to grow up.

10 Dec Lilian comes to a heartbreaking realisation, and Nic offers some words of wisdom.
11 Dec Alan reaches the end of his tether, and Eddie reckons he is on to a winner.
12 Dec There’s a surprise in store for Elizabeth, and the deception takes a toll on Pip.
13 Dec Kirsty attempts to save the day, and Rex receives some Christmas kindness.
14 Dec Jennifer plays matchmaker, and Johnny makes his choice.
15 Dec Pip is torn, and Justin is stunned by the truth.

17 Dec Toby’s life is changed forever, and Jennifer fears for her Christmas celebrations.
18 Dec Lily seeks advice from an enemy, and Brian receives an unexpected offer.
19 Dec Lynda puts her foot in it, while Emma treads carefully.
20 Dec Alan attempts to take control, and there is good news at Bridge Farm.
21 Dec Justin’s evening takes a surprising turn, and Harrison smells a rat.
22 Dec It is a day to remember for Lilian, and Pip gives an ultimatum.

24 Dec Brian has some exciting news, and Helen counts her blessings.
25 Dec Joe wants company on Christmas Day, and Tony and Johnny are left in charge.
26 Dec Will has some bad luck, and Tony makes preparations.
27 Dec Pat gets a belated gift, and Ian looks to the future.
28 Dec Brian sets out his vision, and Eddie comforts the cast.
29 Dec Lynda is on top form, and there is revelry at Honeysuckle Cottage.


Boo! Hiss! Don’t like the sound of the 24th at all


I knew I could count on you! Yes, I was thinking the same thing. I wonder what Pat’s gift is. A handwritten card from Helen giving Pat a day off babysitting? Of course that would mean Poor Old Tony would have to pick up the slack, he’s the one who mostly gets Jack-duty.


Doom! Doom!

① Not in prison.
② Still not in prison.
③ Unlimited free babysitting until mum and dad find where I hid the negatives.

“I’m still in Ambridge!”


Yeah, poor old Will. I’d rather the bad luck was wished on Helen. Can Pat and Tony not at the very least take off on a long, long cruise? Not their sort of thing generally speaking but I’m sure they could find one to their liking. Anything to get away from bringing up Helen’s children and doing her job for her.


This line is a worry …

“17 Dec - Toby’s life is changed forever”


Yes, see what you mean. Either he is going to be a father - bad news for all sorts of reasons, the principle one for me being Brookfield-emoting - or he is not going to be a father - worse news if he goes into ‘Tom’ mode. If this happens, maybe Toby and Ian can get together and commiserate. Oh, they could invite Tom and form a support group so long as I don’t have to listen to them.

Oh dear, I wrote ‘grope’ and nearly didn’t correct it.


I have suggested elsewhere that David carries out a rough and ready bit of field castration. That would be all right, Armers, wouldn’t it?


Very much so. Very much.

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You remember how you used to have ideas of your own? That’s not how it can be when you’re involved with an Archer woman.