One-liners to December 17

23 Nov Philip turns the screw and Tracy has a brainwave.
24 Nov Eddie puts his plan into action and David has a crisis of confidence.
25 Nov It’s an emotional day for Chris and Rex has his spirts lifted.
26 Nov Will has serious reservations and Elizabeth has a confession to make.

30 Nov Tony makes an emotional discovery and David finds himself backed into a corner.
01 Dec Gavin has the rug pulled from under him and Tracy has a bone to pick with another resident.
02 Dec Jazzer finds himself under attack and it’s the end of an era for Susan.
03 Dec Eddie learns a valuable lesson and Chris struggles with recent events.

07 Dec Chris finds himself on edge and Eddie makes a new discovery.
08 Dec Chris’s paranoia threatens to overwhelm him, and Kirsty struggles with the prospect of moving.
09 Dec Alice’s behaviour causes suspicion while Lily and Freddie’s birthday celebrations have an unexpected outcome.
10 Dec Helen is asked a shocking favour and will Gavin finally do the right thing?

14 Dec Susan makes her farewell and Oliver gets stuck in.
15 Dec Philip’s making plans and Kirsty’s looking forward to Christmas.
16 Dec Roman drops a bombshell and Eddie concocts a plan.
17 Dec Philip sets his plan in motion and Gavin’s on the brink.


“I’ve won the lottery, so I’m moving to the Bahamas to complain about everyone there.”

“Since Caroline died, I’ve been looking for a new purpose in my life, and it seems that serial killing is my métier.”

… for Nigel?

“I’ve already got my booking with So You’ve Been Dumped Inc.”

“You have three seconds to reach minimum safe distance.”

No mere making a plan for Wor Eddie.

[grind] [whirr] [clunk]

“And we were all shouting ‘jump’, but he wouldn’t jump.”


Don’t like the look of any of it w/c 7 Dec.


You are a wicked limpet!