One-liners to December 1st

12 Nov Alan finally sees the light, and Kate is not impressed.
13 Nov Joy comes to the rescue, and Lilian faces the wrath of a dissatisfied customer.
14 Nov Events spiral out of control for Helen, and there’s a surprising confrontation for Alice.
15 Nov Alice takes a big step, and Jakob has his arm twisted.
16 Nov One resident makes a shocking request, and Lilian offers some advice.
17 Nov Helen and Rob reach the end of the line, but how will the final chapter in their story end?

19 Nov The Archer family are in shock following the events of last week, and Azra looks to the future.
20 Nov There’s tension on Brian’s big day, and Jakob puts his foot in it.
21 Nov There’s a surprise visitor at Bridge Farm, and Denise tries to get to the bottom of things.
22 Nov Jim reveals a painful secret, and Ed has a proposition.
23 Nov There’s a breakthrough at Grey Gables, and Brian has his eye on the prize.
24 Nov The walls close in on Ed, and emotions run high at Beechwood.

26 Nov Justin hatches a plot, and Alice sees potential.
27 Nov Jakob finds the answer, and there’s a lightbulb moment for Natasha.
28 Nov Tom seeks validation, and Lynda makes a surprising offer.
29 Nov Contemporary drama in a rural setting.
30 Nov Fallon faces teething problems, and Helen seeks a new focus.
01 Dec Harrison faces an awkward meeting, and Adil tries to put the past behind him.


“All the old ones have got broken somehow.”