One-liners to December 2

14 Nov Roy’s walking on egg shells while Jennifer’s feelings are bruised.
15 Nov Elizabeth comes bearing gifts and Adam attempts to settle in.
16 Nov Lynda has a tall order for Kirsty while Fallon is left reeling.
17 Nov Mia puts her foot down while Natasha’s feeling claustrophobic.
18 Nov Tony lends his shoulder, and Eddie has a brainwave.

21 Nov It’s a big day for Eddie and Clarrie, and Oliver steps up to the mark.
22 Nov Lynda’s feeling a cut above the rest while Jazzer and Will hatch a plan.
23 Nov Chelsea strikes a deal and Ruth feels bogged down.
24 Nov Ed tries to keep a lid on it while the cat’s out of the bag for Alan.
25 Nov Jazzer asks for help and Chelsea lends a hand.

28 Nov Chelsea struggles to keep control and Peggy faces a ghost from the past.
29 Nov Lynda finds it hard to let go of the reins and Lilian has a crisis of confidence.
30 Nov Eddie finds himself doing the donkey work and Kate has her suspicions.
01 Dec Harrison attempts to get to the truth and Mia faces a personal struggle.
02 Dec Rex has reservations and Lynda is on a mission.


“Maybe the world doesn’t revolve around me?… nah.”

“Why does it say ‘Anywhere But Here’ on that bus ticket?”
“Dramatic effect.”


Why is it a single one way aircraft ticket to Vladivostock?

And why have all my credit cards been cancelled and my sim removed from my phone?

Can you tell I find Kate tedious?