One-liners to Feb 1

13 Jan Brian waves the white flag and Adam takes a risk.
14 Jan Disaster strikes for Jennifer and Kirsty feels insecure.
15 Jan Susan turns detective and it’s a big day for Emma.
16 Jan Rex is not impressed and Philip has a confession to make.
17 Jan Shula offers support and Alice self promotes.
18 Jan Lexi has some surprising news and Chris leaps to the defence.

20 Jan Alistair takes centre stage and Jennifer offers some advice.
21 Jan Helen is put on the spot and Ben has an idea.
22 Jan Susan jumps to conclusions and Ed has money on his mind.
23 Jan Elizabeth makes a shocking confession and David fears for a relative.
24 Jan Kenton puts his foot in it and Tom makes his pitch.
25 Jan Brian faces an ultimatum and Tony has bad news to impart.

27 Jan Roy finds himself the centre of attention and Brian refuses to back down.
28 Jan Lexi is guilt ridden and Helen looks to the future.
29 Jan Jolene takes the initiative and Kirsty feels unsettled by recent events.
30 Jan Johnny struggles with an emergency and Elizabeth takes a step forward.
31 Jan Jennifer faces opposition and Emma puts her foot in it.
01 Feb Joe offers some words of wisdom and Kirsty makes a big decision.


…that the third and final embryo has perished, one hopes

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Better still if she tells Adam and Ian she’s not going even to make the attempt.


Noooo, Janie! That would leave one horrible little homunculus waiting for a nice spongy endometrium.
And they might find another mug. But they probably can’t afford more eggs.


I’ve heard of ‘in vitro’ but in a mug?


snork, dere :wink:
Some of mine get quite spongy after a few weeks ;- )