One-liners to Feb 23

4 Feb Jennifer is left disappointed, and Kirsty receives an unexpected request.
5 Feb Ruth feels hurt, and Emma causes tension.
6 Feb There is more bad news for the Aldridges, and Will is left fuming.
7 Feb Toby is left red faced, and Lynda struggles with her Lent challenge.
8 Feb Adam takes the strain, while Susan feels unappreciated.
9 Feb Brian comes to a decision, and Nic loses her temper.

11 Feb Jennifer has a fight on her hands, and Nic’s fears are confirmed.
12 Feb Kirsty opens up, and Toby is out of his depth.
13 Feb Brian loses his cool, and Christine puts her foot down.
14 Feb Neil makes a touching declaration, and Joe’s plan backfires.
15 Feb Philip makes a move, and Emma tries to make amends.
16 Feb Justin has an ulterior motive, and reality hits for Pip.

18 Feb Pat proves to be a friend indeed, and Joe struggles to let go.
19 Feb Justin makes an unexpected offer, while Susan is delighted.
20 Feb Jennifer finds herself the talk of the town, and Pip needs reassurance.
21 Feb Brian goes too far, and Shula attempts to ignite a spark.
22 Feb Peggy’s loyalty is misplaced, and there is a shock for Will.
23 Feb The Grundys face a long night, and Toby offers support.


Which is interesting as Lent doesn’t start for another week after this date.


I said that last week. :slight_smile:


Pooh !!

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