One-liners to February 17th

05 Feb Kate gets a wake-up call, and Ruairi is feeling side-lined.
06 Feb Freddie needs to manage a tricky conversation, and Alice offers some support.
07 Feb Susan may be a bit quick to judge, and Kate feels she is making a difference.
08 Feb Adam has an important Dad duty, and Stella thinks fast to deal with interference.
09 Feb Alice finds herself in unfamiliar territory, and can David and Elizabeth see eye to eye?
10 Feb Ian worries about how Adam is coping, and Paul has a memorable encounter.

12 Feb Brian is in no mood to make decisions, and will some neighbourly do-gooding backfire?
13 Feb Things are looking up for David and Ruth, and Justin’s ears are pricked up.
14 Feb Freddie is setting the stage for Valentine’s, and Ruairi is making a pact.
15 Feb Where there’s a Will, there’s a way to talk. And there’s speculation about last night.
16 Feb Alice is trying to keep all the plates spinning, and can Brian swallow his pride?
17 Feb Noluthando takes a trip down memory lane, and Alice gets some tough love.


Again? Her mothet’s daughter, right enough…


“Just five more years of young and pretty, that’s all I’m asking. Of course you can have her soul.”