One-liners to February 25

08 Feb The walls close in on Neil and Alice is touched by an unexpected gift.
09 Feb Susan faces the consequences and Tony is surprised when he glimpses another side of someone.
10 Feb Shula questions her future and two residents dig for information.
11 Feb Kirsty is on a mission and Emma waves the white flag.

15 Feb Tony reaches the end of his tether and Lynda has a cunning plan.
16 Feb Lilian attempts to keep the peace and Rex offers a solution.
17 Feb Lynda tries a new tactic and Eddie has the rug pulled from underneath him.
18 Feb There’s an emotional goodbye for Kirsty, and Lee fears the worst.

22 Feb Tensions rise at Brookfield and Johnny tries to make a friend see sense.
23 Feb Helen makes an important decision while Ben and Ruairi hatch a plot.
24 Feb Chris has a confession to make while Ruth and David come to an agreement.
25 Feb Kirsty faces her demons and Jim seeks advice.