One-liners to February 3

16 Jan Fallon puts her foot in it and Jazzer attempts to balance his books.
17 Jan Kenton unleashes his inner dragon and Phoebe has reservations.
18 Jan Alice causes concern and Leonard makes a pitch.
19 Jan Chris contemplates his future while tempers flare at The Bull.
20 Jan Harrison offers support and Jim’s plan proves surprisingly dangerous.

23 Jan It’s the end of the road for David while Pip is on a mission.
24 Jan Josh questions whether he’s up to the task and Leonard offers some sound advice.
25 Jan There’s an unexpected guest at Brookfield, and the green-eyed monster strikes for Jill.
26 Jan Alistair comes to the rescue and Kenton has a game plan,
27 Jan Will calm be restored at Brookfield? And there’s a proud moment for Jill.

30 Jan Kate heads down the wrong path and Brian argues his point.
31 Jan Alice makes a dramatic decision and Susan bonds with an unexpected person.
01 Feb Chris is forced to let go and Ian hatches a plan.
02 Feb Jennifer tries to do the right thing and Kenton may have found the answer to his prayers.
03 Feb Phoebe drops a bombshell and Chris is struggling.


“See? You asked for consistent characterisation, and we gave you consistent characterisation!”

The right one, I trust?

Oh life! Disease hath spread to my whole self.
My arms, my legs, my hands. They wreak of blood!
Oh life! Be gone you spots! Oh spots be gone!
The spots remain, the blood remains on me.
My skin hath worn away. For I cannot
stop itching at these damnèd spots. Oh God!

“No, I’m sure I heard that nail varnish dissolves superglue.”