One-liners to February 9th

21 Jan Helen takes a big step, and confusion rages at The Bull.
22 Jan Alice faces a dilemma, and Adam makes his presence felt.
23 Jan There’s surprising news for Harry, and Chelsea turns detective.
24 Jan There’s concern for Brian, while Eddie finds life a drag.
25 Jan There’s light at the end of the tunnel for the Grundys, and Susan stirs the pot.
26 Jan Tension mounts at The Bull, and Tony makes an enemy.

28 Jan It’s panic stations for Lilian, and Mia is not impressed.
29 Jan The results are in for Kenton, and there’s a new face in Ambridge.
30 Jan There’s an emergency at the Bull, and Brad puts his foot down.
31 Jan David steps in to help, and the fashion show is thrown into chaos.
01 Feb Vince makes a surprising offer, and there’s an unexpected visitor for one resident.
02 Feb Jolene finds herself cornered and Mia makes a big declaration.

4 Feb Harrison has concerns, and there’s an awkward encounter for Chris.
5 Feb There’s trouble at the Bull, and Adam stamps his authority.
6 Feb Lynda takes the lead, and Alice is keen to make a good impression.
7 Feb A new arrival causes problems at Bridge Farm, and Susan is up to mischief.
8 Feb Alice is in the firing line, and a decision is reached at Bridge Farm.
9 Feb Harry makes a surprising admission, and the problems continue to mount for Jolene.