One-liners to Jan 24

10 Jan Susan’s hopes are dashed, while David tries to swallow his pride.
11 Jan Adam is outmanoeuvred, and Kate is at her wits end.
12 Jan Toby receives a shocking instruction, and Roy fears for the future.

14 Jan Kirsty makes a horrific discovery, and Roy unburdens himself.
15 Jan Lexi reaches an emotional decision, and Rex is surprised by recent developments.
16 Jan Brian is in trouble, and Susan has a brainwave.
17 Jan Justin stands accused, and Kenton imparts some advice.
18 Jan Noluthando goes too far, and Kate is forced to step up.
19 Jan There is a shock in store for Jennifer, and Toby stands his ground.

21 Jan Jennifer issues an apology, and Roy sacrifices his own feelings.
22 Jan Toby is overjoyed, and Jim turns detective.
23 Jan Peggy says goodbye, and Ruth is won over.
24 Jan Justin issues a warning, and Lilian tries to make amends.


Don’t get your hopes up, me darlings. It’s Nol-oh-I-can’t-be-bothered-now-she’s-going beng shipped off back home.


Oh bugger :neutral_face:


We have Jennifer apologising and Lilian trying to make amends … I’m particularly fed up with Lilian grovelling. Hope it’s not to Justin yet again but sounds as though it is. Jennifer, can’t imagine what she’s done of late to apologise for unless she votes with Brian and apologises to Adam for not voting with him. Talk about sitting on the fence!

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