One-liners to January 13

19 Dec Lynda seeks divine justice while Usha’s not feeling the Christmas vibe.
20 Dec Susan’s got the green eye and Amy recounts some home truths.
21 Dec Oliver offers words of wisdom and Clarrie’s not got time to talk.
22 Dec Jazzer’s got stage fright and Susan’s kindness knows no bounds.
23 Dec Someone comes knocking for Alan and opportunity knocks for one of the stars of The Mysteries.

26 Dec Susan’s got the wrong end of the stick and Usha’s feeling mischievous.
27 Dec Jennifer receives a post-Christmas bonus while Harrison’s getting cold feet.
28 Dec Kirsty has another cross to bear and someone’s flashing the cash.
29 Dec Alice gets a rude awakening while Alan opens Harrison’s eyes.
30 Dec There’s a girls night out for Ruth but the celebrations are over for Alice.

02 Jan Chris finds himself confused and the curtain comes down for Kirsty.
03 Jan Mike’s got his paintbrush out while Pat glosses over some glitches.
04 Jan Alice heads down a dangerous path while Adam gets suited and booted.
05 Jan Amy faces an uphill struggle and Tony learns to compromise.
06 Jan Someone receives an unexpected gong and Jennifer promises help.

09 Jan Pat attempts to bite her tongue while Alice sticks her neck out.
10 Jan Fears are faced at Bridge Farm and Roy uncovers a secret.
11 Jan Ed makes his feelings known and Mike’s painting the town red.
12 Jan Peggy’s kindness knows no bounds and Amy lends her shoulder.
13 Jan Mike tries to make amends while Hazel makes trouble.


Without letting Helen get there first.

“Yes, just in that semicircular cutout, it’s very comfortable.”

“Maybe your job in life really is just to do things for Helen?”

Word of the day: adipocere. (Do not look up if weak of stomach.)

"I’m not happy!

With the blood of the innocent?

“I’ve bought myself a year’s holiday in Switzerland.”

“On three, heave.”

“I could paint it green instead?”

Fire burn and cauldron bubble.


After the sonographer appears the week before! See elsethread.


Ooh, so the ‘adipo’ bit means fat, right? And the ‘cere’ bit is probably wax. Wowser! I’ve only ever seen the wax strips that remove superfluous hair. Home liposuction, that’s amazing