One-liners to January 26th

05 Jan The nightmare isn’t over for Helen, and Jolene comes up trumps.

07 Jan Helen faces a dilemma, and Brad seeks a new opportunity.
08 Jan Relations deteriorate at the vets, and Natasha sparks controversy.
09 Jan A problem presents itself for Elizabeth, and Lilian is given the hard sell.
10 Jan Henry takes a big step, and Lily makes a deal with the enemy.
11 Jan Momentum gathers for Tom, and there’s an awkward encounter for Alistair.
12 Jan Emotions run high at Bridge Farm, and Brad gets the wrong end of the stick.

14 Jan The cat is put among the pigeons for Brian and there’s tension at the Tearoom
15 Jan The pressure mounts on Ed, and Lilian stirs the pot.
16 Jan Natasha comes to the rescue, and new horizons beckon for Brad.
17 Jan There’s a sad goodbye in Ambridge, and things go from bad to worse for the Grundys.
18 Jan Eddie has a shocking idea, and Fallon makes an unexpected friend.
19 Jan Helen finds herself on the spot and there’s a big surprise for Mia

21 Jan Helen takes a big step, and confusion rages at The Bull.
22 Jan Alice faces a dilemma, and Adam makes his presence felt.
23 Jan There’s surprising news for Harry, and Chelsea turns detective.
24 Jan There’s concern for Brian, while Eddie finds life a drag.
25 Jan There’s light at the end of the tunnel for the Grundys, and Susan stirs the pot.
26 Jan Tension mounts at The Bull, and Tony makes an enemy.


If instead of ‘for’ that read ‘by’, I’d be looking forward to that episode…


He’s taken up smoking? Or dressed up in Clarrie’s best frock?


It’s the 7.13 to Borchester Central.