One-liners to January 28

11 Jan Kirsty is feeling guilty, and Harrison’s getting tough.
12 Jan Rex is out for himself, and Tracy’s keen to make something clear.
13 Jan Neil can’t stop fretting, and Jazzer has a challenge over breakfast.
14 Jan Jim is not holding back, and Helen’s concerned about Kirsty.

18 Jan Kirsty lashes out, and Brookfield fear someone is out to get them.
19 Jan Pip vows revenge, and Shula struggles with a terrible dilemma.
20 Jan Elizabeth puts her foot in it, and Brian offers some words of advice.
21 Jan Shula faces her demons, and Vince makes a surprising suggestion.

25 Jan Pip drops a bombshell and Freddie has an admirer.
26 Jan Shula finds herself in trouble and Tom faces a difficult dilemma.
27 Jan Brian makes his presence felt and Freddie tries to keep the peace.
28 Jan Kirsty gains support from an unexpected source and Lily stirs the pot.