One-liners to January 31


12 Jan Tom is on more than one mission and Jim remains focussed.
13 Jan There’s an embarrassing misunderstanding for Alistair and the stress piles on Natasha.
14 Jan Lilian garners opinion and Ruth looks set to fall at the first hurdle.
15 Jan Shula is touched by some kind words and David has the rug pulled from under him.
16 Jan Kate attempts to practice what she preaches and tensions flare amongst the Grey Gables staff.
17 Jan Alistair shows his support and Lynda makes a stand.

19 Jan Ian is determined to uncover the truth and Eddie is not happy with recent developments.
20 Jan Philip makes a controversial suggestion and Natasha’s efforts take their toll.
21 Jan Helen offers some tough love and Jolene starts to have second thoughts.
22 Jan It’s a big day for Jim and there’s an awkward encounter for Lee.
23 Jan Jim is shocked by an emotional confession and Rex finds himself accused.
24 Jan Kirsty has a change of heart and Burns Night proves a disappointment for some.

26 Jan Jim is surprised by an unexpected visitor and Philip puts his foot in it.
27 Jan There’s chaos at Brookfield and Alistair digs for information.
28 Jan Josh hits rock bottom and Johnny makes a lifestyle change.
29 Jan Kate’s idea looks set to cause ructions and Gavin continues to make his presence felt.
30 Jan Neil faces a dilemma and Jim defies expectations.
31 Jan Kirsty faces a shock and Josh holds his hands up.


…well, we’ve known that for years!!!


I have leopards to add some excitement to the ruralal wedding


Ooo dear


…I think some sabre-toothed tiggers might make it interesting! :smiley:


Bluddy leopards are getting everywhere tonight ;- )


…well, there’s a lot of it about! :wink:


Well, yes. That would seem to follow logically.


…controversial or improper? :roll_eyes::open_mouth:


January 31 now added.


Oh, they keep teasing us with shocks. Let’s have 400kV at about three amps, eh?

Not after that he doesn’t.


Oh noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!


Yes, I like the sound of that as well as David having the carpet pulled out from under him. Probably amount to nothing serious, sadly.