One-liners to January 5th

30 Nov Fallon faces teething problems, and Helen seeks a new focus.
01 Dec Harrison faces an awkward meeting, and Adil tries to put the past behind him.

03 Dec Kate is on a mission, and debate rages at Bridge Farm.
04 Dec Justin goes too far, and Clarrie reaches the end of her tether.
05 Dec Lilian faces the music, and Eddie waves the white flag.
06 Dec Justin makes a surprising decision, and Kate struggles to let go
07 Dec The Grundy’s keep their fingers crossed, and Tom comes to a decision
08 Dec The fate of one family is sealed as the auction takes place, while Lilian drops a shocking bombshell.

10 Dec Lynda proves a friend indeed, and Justin makes the most of his situation.
11 Dec Alice faces a big decision, and old wounds open for Ian.
12 Dec Lily has something to look forward to, and Stella makes an impression.
13 Dec Life gets complicated for Paul, while Leonard offers the benefit of experience.
14 Dec Lilian makes a dramatic statement, and it’s an anxious day for Adam.
15 Dec Alice takes a gamble, and David faces a difficult memory.

17 Dec Chris finds his confidence knocked, and David puts his foot in it.
18 Dec Alan faces a last-minute hitch, and Emma finds herself in a precarious position.
19 Dec Life gets awkward for Alice, and George makes the most of a situation.
20 Dec Susan offers some encouragement, and Jill’s hackles are raised.
21 Dec There are surprises galore at the comedy night, and Stella refuses to back down.
22 Dec Chris makes a surprising decision, and there’s a bump in the road for Freddie.

24 Dec Alistair has some news to impart, and Jazzer offers Christmas cheer.
25 Dec There’s a Christmas crisis at the vets, and it’s all systems go for Lily.
26 Dec Disaster strikes at Little Grange, and Tracy hatches a plan.
27 Dec Alice finds herself on the spot, and Kate has reservations.
28 Dec Justin takes a big step, and Ed has a controversial suggestion.
29 Dec Denise admits the truth, and Brian has something to get off his chest.

31 Dec Resolutions are made at The Bull, and Lilian has a favour to ask.
01 Jan Henry has reservations, and Kate faces a difficult start to the new year.
02 Jan Helen makes the effort, and Jakob struggles to put things right.
03 Jan Brad is on a mission, and there’s concern for Chris.
04 Jan Kenton puts his foot down, and Alice faces a challenge.
05 Jan The nightmare isn’t over for Helen, and Jolene comes up trumps.


WHAT?! I don’t know if Helen can take any more, but I can’t.


Oh, I dunno, I was finding the newly-serene Helen really creepy. I do hope Rob has left some troublesome legacy for GiddyJack.


Does she get billed for planting Rob?

Or has he left a will with her named as executrix

I rather like Helen being miserable


Oh I like Helen being miserable too, obviously. I just wish The SWs would think of a new way of making Helen miserable, it is Rob I’ve had more than enough of.


I suspect the SWs are setting her up for a disaster with Henwee in due course

He sounds precocious mature kind loving and a right little perfect child

This cannot last!

Helen in my head

Henry in my head