One-liners to January 6

05 Dec Natasha’s on the move and Lynda has a surprise visitor.
06 Dec Johnny’s getting snappy while Hazel has it all worked out.
07 Dec Fallon puts her foot in it and Susan doesn’t like what she sees.
08 Dec Eddie gets his own back and Natasha has the wrong end of the stick.
09 Dec Tom is thrown into a panic and Natasha can’t get a word in edgeways.

12 Dec Tom receives an unexpected gift and there’s another mouth to feed at No.6 The Green.
13 Dec Mia’s making a bold statement while Stella shows a firm but fair hand.
14 Dec Tom gets a load off his mind and Mia has a bright idea.
15 Dec Will begins to smell a rat while Harrison saves the day.
16 Dec Ruth gets herself worked up and Lynda pussy foots around a decision.

19 Dec Lynda seeks divine justice while Usha’s not feeling the Christmas vibe.
20 Dec Susan’s got the green eye and Amy recounts some home truths.
21 Dec Oliver offers words of wisdom and Clarrie’s not got time to talk.
22 Dec Jazzer’s got stage fright and Susan’s kindness knows no bounds.
23 Dec Someone comes knocking for Alan and opportunity knocks for one of the stars of The Mysteries.

26 Dec Susan’s got the wrong end of the stick and Usha’s feeling mischievous.
27 Dec Jennifer receives a post-Christmas bonus while Harrison’s getting cold feet.
28 Dec Kirsty has another cross to bear and someone’s flashing the cash.
29 Dec Alice gets a rude awakening while Alan opens Harrison’s eyes.
30 Dec There’s a girls night out for Ruth but the celebrations are over for Alice.

02 Jan Chris finds himself confused and the curtain comes down for Kirsty.
03 Jan Mike’s got his paintbrush out while Pat glosses over some glitches.
04 Jan Alice heads down a dangerous path while Adam gets suited and booted.
05 Jan Amy faces an uphill struggle and Tony learns to compromise.
06 Jan Someone receives an unexpected gong and Jennifer promises help.


Donkey warden, one hopes. Or an emissary from Buck House saying there has been a terrible mistake. And a donkey warden.

Pity. ‘Deep ditch filled with spikes’, now, that would be nice.


Gus, I do love you



Mwah, Darling < winkity wotsit >

I now have an earworm of ‘Donkey warden, donkey warden’ so I think we can be reasonably certain that Natural Justice had not been entirely suspended.


“We mixed up the MBE list and the Red List. No, not the terrorist one, the endangered species. We’re going to move you to Whipsnade.”