One-liners to January 7

09 Dec Alice’s behaviour causes suspicion while Lily and Freddie’s birthday celebrations have an unexpected outcome.
10 Dec Helen is asked a shocking favour and will Gavin finally do the right thing?

14 Dec Susan makes her farewell and Oliver gets stuck in.
15 Dec Philip’s making plans and Kirsty’s looking forward to Christmas.
16 Dec Roman drops a bombshell and Eddie concocts a plan.
17 Dec Philip sets his plan in motion and Gavin’s on the brink.

21 Dec Tracy struggles to pick up the pieces and Freddie finds himself with more on his plate than he anticipated.
22 Dec David’s evening takes a surprising turn and Eddie is very much in demand.
23 Dec Gavin reaches the end of his tether and Jazzer calls a truce.
24 Dec Kirsty demands answers and there’s a festive surprise for Clarrie.

28 Dec Kirsty makes a big decision and Tracy attempts to cover her true feelings.
29 Dec Freddie attempts damage limitation and Phoebe tries to cheer up a loved one.
30 Dec Peggy has a shocking suggestion and Jazzer finds himself in a compromising position.
31 Dec Ambridge faces a life-changing crisis and one resident makes a special announcement.

04 Jan There’s regret at Brookfield, and Justin has questions to answer.
05 Jan Kirsty reveals the truth, and Neil’s under pressure.
06 Jan Clarrie’s a reluctant romantic, and Lynda’s feeling inspired.
07 Jan Roy has some advice for Kirsty, and Shula’s having doubts.