One-liners to July 1

14 June Brian is on the warpath and Joy makes an unfortunate mistake.
15 June Adam struggles with the consequences of his actions and Lynda does some digging.
16 June Lilian attempts to build bridges and Helen comes clean.
17 June Tension mounts at Home Farm and Phoebe faces a crisis.

21 June Lee struggles to keep a secret and Shula faces a potentially tricky situation.
22 June Brian attempts to keep the peace and the Grundys hatch a plan.
23 June Rex issues a warning and Neil comes to an arrangement.
24 June Alistair raises concerns and Justin digs for dirt.

28 June Lily regrets her actions and Vince makes his presence felt.
29 June Rex offers a shoulder and Freddie comes to the rescue.
30 June Elizabeth receives a surprising visitor and Lily has a confession to make.
01 July Russ unveils a surprise and Elizabeth is honest about her feelings.


“Don’t strain yourself, dere.”


'They’ve always been so much more important than anybody else’s ’


Especially if her honesty strains her weak heart resulting in Freddie getting his inheritance sooner than anyone would have thunked

I live in hope…