One-liners to July 19th

30 Jun Susan reaches the end of her tether and Chris has a brainwave.
01 Jul Justin takes the bull by the horns and Emma’s concerns grow.
02 Jul The Carters face some home truths and Josh makes a point
03 Jul Lilian doesn’t know where to turn and Alice confronts her past.
04 Jul It’s crunch time for Alice, while Kenton faces a challenging situation.
05 Jul There’s a ray of hope for Adam, and Paul makes a big decision.

07 Jul Frustration grows for Chris, and Denise is in a quandary.
08 Jul Lilian gets her hopes up, and Ben lends a helping hand.
09 Jul Alistair finds himself in an uncomfortable position, and Pip makes a surprising discovery.
10 Jul Denise has a confession to make, and Justin shows a different side to him.
11 Jul Stella finds herself fighting a losing battle, and George loses his cool
12 Jul The tension mounts for one family, and David brings experience to the table.

14 Jul Pip’s brainwave may be the answer, and there’s a shock for Freddie.
15 Jul Susan gets her hopes up, and Chelsea has a mountain to climb.
16 Jul Lily is on a mission, and Denise is feeling the pressure.
17 Jul Vince is put to the test, and Oliver issues an invitation.
18 Jul The walls close in on Fallon, and Ruth attempts to cheer up a friend.
19 Jul Lily goes on the attack, and there’s an opportunity on the cards for Natasha.