One-liners to July 21

2 Jul Harrison’s scheme is uncovered, and Tom clears the air.
3 Jul Lynda sticks to her guns, and Matt wants everything to be right.
4 Jul Will tries to gather support, and Brian makes his pitch.
5 Jul Justin gets the lie of the land, and Pat warns against probable pitfalls.
6 Jul Jennifer is told not to splash the cash, and Jill finds a target for her anger.
7 Jul Fallon grasps the nettle, while Lynda and Lilian are forced together.

9 Jul Justin demonstrates his love and Fallon wants to be equal.
10 Jul Jill’s blood boils, and Jolene shares her worries.
11 Jul Shula has unexpected news, and Clarrie draws a line.
12 Jul Ruth has a decision to make, and Roy makes a bad first impression
13 Jul Lilian has got her hands full, and Brian gets another talking to.
14 Jul Tom is keen to attract attention, and Matt aims not to please.

16 Jul Eddie comes up with a plan, and Jill continues her opposition.
17 Jul Matt is keen to impress, and Christine has heard a rumour.
18 Jul Fallon’s options are limited, and Justin has had enough.
19 Jul Ruth makes her position known, and Rex gets an invitation.
20 Jul Shula shares all the latest gossip, and Kirsty is forced to reveal her hand.
21 Jul There is another unexpected visitor to Grange Farm, and Lilian tries to calm the situation.

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