One-liners to July 23

06 July Debbie Aldridge reveals some shocking news and Brian is left holding the baby.
07 July Alice has a crisis on her hands while Chris is left reeling by a surprising decision.
08 July Debbie has concerns over a family member while Brian’s plan gathers momentum.
09 July Adam makes a big decision and Debbie considers her situation.

13 July Fallon ends up disappointed and Jolene makes a controversial decision.
14 July David turns detective and Elizabeth struggles to find the right words.
15 July Harrison finds himself with some making up to do and David feels guilty.
16 July Harrison bares his soul and Elizabeth takes the next step.

20 July Chris finds himself in trouble and Emma has a brainwave.
21 July Alice’s big decision causes ructions and Brian has concerns.
22 July Ed’s past returns to haunt him and events spiral out of control for Chris.
23 July Emma and Ed face a dilemma and Alice is not happy.


It couldn’t happen to a more deserving character. imo, that is.


Mine too TFM

I cannot understand why he is the dearly beloved Grundy son

And Emmur marrying Willyum when she was unsure if the child she was carrying was his is nowt but a jumped up wee tart who set up poor Willyum for a shed load of misery

She should have had stronger knicker elastic so a ne’er do well drug addict could not get into her knickers to start the continuing tragedy off…


My distaste for Ed began long before the Emma/William saga. I think it started with the nasty business of William’s cow (named after a Spice Girl, I forget which, Ginger or Posh?) - admittedly that was partly Joe’s fault but Ed’s glee at getting one over on Will at the time was extremely unpleasant, I thought, especially since he (Ed) was the favoured son even then and so had no reason whatsoever to resent Will.


Baby, I think
[turns aside to spew]


Baby Spice was Emma Bunton

So perhaps my view of Emmur as a right cow comes from nominative determinism