One-liners to July 30

13 July Fallon ends up disappointed and Jolene makes a controversial decision.
14 July David turns detective and Elizabeth struggles to find the right words.
15 July Harrison finds himself with some making up to do and David feels guilty.
16 July Harrison bares his soul and Elizabeth takes the next step.

20 July Chris finds himself in trouble and Emma has a brainwave.
21 July Alice’s big decision causes ructions and Brian has concerns.
22 July Ed’s past returns to haunt him and events spiral out of control for Chris.
23 July Emma and Ed face a dilemma and Alice is not happy.

27 July Fallon finds herself under pressure and Harrison unveils his grand plan.
28 July Tony makes a nostalgic discovery and things are looking up for Joy.
29 July Johnny begins a frantic search and Fallon makes a friend.
30 July Harrison faces a race against time.


“I’ll arrest everybody! Then we’ll be sure to have the criminal-of-the-week behind bars!”

“Back in the day, I had a personality.”

“Don’t let go of the rope! After a few hours, the gas will leak out and you’ll come back to earth.”

out of things she finds around the house.