One-liners to July 8th

19 Jun Is it a Happy Father’s Day? Usha offers some advice.
20 Jun Ben has no time to relax, and who’s not paying attention?
21 Jun Kirsty is caught in the middle. Chris doesn’t know what to say.
22 Jun Neil is trying to help. Adil is shown what’s what.
23 Jun Alice has a visitor. Beth is not in the party mood.
24 Jun Lynda is keen to find someone. What next for Alice and Chris?

26 Jun There’s an awkward encounter for Beth, and Chelsea feels underwhelmed.
27 Jun Alice anxiously waits for news, and Helen and Tom are keen to impress.
28 Jun Lily wants to let hair down, and Ben feels aggrieved.
29 Jun Adil gets a very warm welcome, and elsewhere the atmosphere is cooler.
30 Jun Elizabeth looks out for her family, and Chris makes plans for Martha.
01 Jul Is Russ a raver at heart? Josh can be a gent sometimes.

03 Jul Pat gets a surprise, and what’s the score with Jim?
04 Jul Oliver has an idea, and Helen and Tom put their heads together.
05 Jul It’s a big day for Tracy, and is Lynda open to a different perspective?
06 Jul Is all well in the Casey household? Jazzer feels proud.
07 Jul Will it be Chelsea to the rescue? Josh is in a teasing mood.
08 Jul Susan’s looking for a new hobby, and Alistair’s impressed.


Embroidering teeny shrouds?


She has been awarded her PhD in Floozin’.