One-liners to June 15

30 May Will makes a surpising decision, and Jennifer takes over.
31 May Kirsty loses her temper, and Christine is out of her depth.
1 June There is a shock for the Aldridges, and Alistair makes a touching gesture.

3 June Brian prepares for the fallout, and Will is worried.
4 June Elizabeth grows suspicious, and alarm bells ring for Harrison.
5 June Emma is at her wits end, and Tom’s frustrations increase.
6 June Shula puts her foot in it, and Adam predicts disaster.
7 June Lily finds herself trapped, and Peggy is forced to back down.
8 June Kate discovers the truth and Philip has a request.

10 Jun Brian struggles to keep his temper, and Kirsty is less than impressed.
11 Jun Ed contemplates humiliation, and Peggy fears the worst.
12 Jun Alistair is resolute, and Pip feels the strain.
13 Jun Freddie is in too deep, and Adam has problems with his workforce.
14 Jun Jill comes to the rescue, and Fallon has a bright idea.
15 Jun Kate has the rug pulled from under her and Ruth suffers a crisis of confidence.


Just added the second half of the June 8 spoiler which is still missing from the BBC site (got it from Digiguide).

Sadly, any crisis of confidence Ruth has will be short-lived.

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