One-liners to June 17

31 May It’s the end of an era for Ed, and Lee makes an impression.
01 June Adam offers the benefit of his experience and Emma attempts to manage expectations.
02 June Mia confesses her feelings and Jazzer finds himself out in the cold.
03 June The truth hurts for Brian, and Will steps up to the plate.

07 June The situation becomes overwhelming for Jennifer while Harrison makes plans.
08 June Brian eats humble pie and Jazzer finds himself caught in the middle.
09 June Peggy has a confession to make and Fallon is left torn.
10 June The Aldridge family face an uphill battle and Chris struggles to accept his new situation.

14 June Brian is on the warpath and Joy makes an unfortunate mistake.
15 June Adam struggles with the consequences of his actions and Lynda does some digging.
16 June Lilian attempts to build bridges and Helen comes clean.
17 June Tension mounts at Home Farm and Phoebe faces a crisis.


Oh, digging. As you were.