One-liners to June 28th

09 Jun Alan has a suggestion, and one of the Grundys attracts an admirer.
10 Jun There’s a shock for Paul, and Lilian fears the worst.
11 Jun Emma has some surprising news, and Josh has concerns for a friend.
12 Jun Plans take shape for Harrison, and Stella is in panic mode.
13 Jun Debate rages at Grange Farm, and Lily treads carefully.
14 Jun Fallon throws caution to the wind, while Harrison struggles to let go.

16 Jun Justin puts his case forward and Fallon faces the consequences.
17 Jun Adam faces an uphill struggle, and Paul has a delicate issue.
18 Jun The stress piles on Lilian, and there’s a near miss at Grey Gables.
19 Jun There’s a surprise for Joy, and Azra’s bedside manner is tested.
20 Jun Kirsty leads the charge, and Jakob slips up.
21 Jun Alice makes a shocking decision, and Fallon has a confession to make.

23 Jun Recent events begin to take their toll on Chris, and the Grundys debate their next move.
24 Jun There’s light at the end of the tunnel for Harrison, and Lily receives a surprising offer.
25 Jun Emotions run high for George, and Joy offers some hope.
26 Jun The residents gather for news of a friend, and preparations begin for the summer fete.
27 Jun Minds are changed at Grange Farm, and several residents plot an intervention.
28 Jun There’s a sad goodbye for one family, and Susan comes to a decision.


“Ah, stop your whining, you’ve got another kidney.”

“But why would I want to buy a kidney?”

“And I’ve just been told it’s terminal.”

“You can’t get the wicker these days.”

Dare we hope for a Proper Dedding?


Who to choose for a Dedding?

So many options for a mere 72 minutes in one week

Or do we save some for another week?


I’ve got my little list. However, it’s bound to be Bartleby.