One-liners to June 30

11 Jun Bridge Farm’s secret is out, and Pip faces difficult questions.
12 Jun Pat delivers a telling off, and Lower Loxley’s prodigal son returns.
13 Jun Lynda has troublesome guests, and Kirsty is keen to recruit.
14 Jun Lilian chooses her side, and can Elizabeth see history repeating?
15 Jun Tom puts himself forward, and Rex is feeling bold.
16 Jun Justin smoothes the way, and Matt sticks his oar in.

18 Jun Pip insists she is fine, and Tracy makes her mark.
19 Jun Justin’s hackles are raised, and Kirsty feels she has lost a friend.
20 Jun Freddie finds a new vocation, and Anisha sets a challenge.
21 Jun Tom is ready to seal the deal, and Lilian smells a rat.
22 Jun Adam has an eventful birthday, and Anisha draws a line.
23 Jun Matt is on the prowl, and Jill calls on past experience.

25 Jun Lilian has a lot on her mind, and Brian is being hassled.
26 Jun Justin has a hard day at the office, and Clarrie worries that Eddie has overdone it.
27 Jun Harrison thinks it is time to move on, and Jill is keen to be involved.
28 Jun Kenton receives an ultimatum, and can Matt keep a secret?
29 Jun Lynda initiates a fightback, and David is feeling his age.
30 Jun Tom tries to muscle in, and Lilian says her piece.