One-liners to June 30th

11 Jun Events spiral for Tom, while Ben offers a suggestion.
12 Jun There’s a nasty shock for Helen, and Brian makes the effort.
13 Jun Freddie takes the bull by the horns, and Helen’s situation becomes more desperate.
14 Jun Stella finds herself at a crossroads, and Vince puts an offer on the table.
15 Jun Kirsty has huge reservations, and there’s an emotional farewell for Brian.
16 Jun A familiar face makes a dramatic return, and one villager struggles to stay in control.

18 Jun Kirsty struggles to keep the peace, while Pat and Tony question recent events.
19 Jun The grass may be greener for Harrison, while Adam waves the white flag.
20 Jun The walls close in on Lee, and Eddie hatches a plan.
21 Jun Stella puts her foot down, and Helen makes a promise.
22 Jun There’s more surprising news for Bridge Farm, and Fallon dreams big.
23 Jun One villager finds themselves out of the frying pan and into the fire and Lynda attempts to keep order.

25 Jun Eddie has a trick up his sleeve, and tension rises at Beechwood.
26 Jun Helen has a new determination, and Mia finds herself becoming an accomplice
27 Jun Ruth proves to be a friend indeed, and there’s a dilemma for Harrison.
28 Jun Justin is feeling confident, but concerns are growing for Fallon.
29 Jun Questions are raised about the charging station, and Jim has a battle on his hands.
30 Jun Tom makes a surprising offer, and Lynda finds herself a new task.


“As God is my witness, I’ll never think of anyone else’s needs again!”